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Saturday, January 18, 2014

ON BEING POSITIVE or trying to get this to work#$%%^^&*$@#

This is really the piece for the last post, which wouldn't let me write.  so.....on being negative:

Most people don't want to hear they're negative. It's just not on, you know. One must keep up the front toujours – hear, hear; rally on; jolly good; and all that. Be positive.

But there is such a thing as projection. The accuser being more negative than you, and dumping on your poor, unsuspecting psyche, for example. Very dangerous practice. R.D. Laing wrote a book called “Knots” about this very thing within families.

I think projection happens a lot, but there's another point to consider before you take offense, or accept someone else's verdict of you, and thus actually become negative, or worse, physically sick.

There's this: in this world, the way rampant greed, consumerism, obesity, waste, hate, corrupt power, and economics built on elite ownership rule things – you have to be sick NOT to be be aware; not to speak this raging negativity out loud. You have to be buying into it all; watching stupid TV sitcoms, and eating crappy synthetic foods, and following trends and lifestyles of “stars' or “experts” instead of looking and listening and learning for yourself. You have to be dead all over to NOT voice your negative observations.

Now I'm not saying that's all there is. I'm actually a bit of a left-over hippie-type idealist who still walks a lot rather than drives; and who while walking through the cancerous fumes and noise of city streets will hear the birds chirping and smile. I look for little things that celebrate life, and I actually do stop to smell the roses (or the juniper bushes, in winter). I do this probably more than most people, not because I'm saintly, but because i NEED that life and that reality. I NEED the basics of good food, clean air, clean water, plus music and love, of course. But you have to look for these things; protect them; create them, if necessary.

These simple things are the most important ones, but if we get lost in the race to have it all, that's negative. If we don't see what's really going on, and being sold, we live a negative life. If we don't speak up, we're negative people.

So I'll be positive by being negative to the negative. And I'll answer any accuser with the age-old witty rebuff: “I know you are, but what am I?”


No big gigs coming up, but look on youtube for my latest, very short video:

“skating, skating”

and if you missed it, a little while ago:

“One-Night Stand”.


Here's me with my green hair, faded a bit from aquamarine, and also one from my visit in November to Cascais, Portugal. That's the Atlantic Ocean reflecting the setting sun. I love it.

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