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  • June 19, 2019 The Nice Bistro, Whitby
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  • Sept. 9 The Nice Bistro, Whitby, ON
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Friday, January 22, 2010

seeing the light

shouldn't really be taking more time to do this, but it's so much faster at the local library; i must take advantage, mustn't i? and suffer for my art

the art is coming along; working as always on the zootcase show, which, by the way, has its own blog now: zootcase2010, if you're interested, although nothing much up there so far.
we've had the flurry of gigs over the holidays, now looking forward to the valentine's gathering - a house concert with the jazz trio. sorry, it's invitation only.

other than music, not to much to say, except to comment on the horror of the haiti situation, and also on the remarkable resilience of the people, who smile so easily, in spite of all the hardships and poverty. makes you realize we have absolutely NOTHING about which we can complain.
i've been trying a new trick on my own mind, to combat all the bad moods i generate for myself each time something happens that i don't like. i have always muttered a sarcastic "thanks, god" (oh, i know, i've been on the road to hell for a long time). now, i try to make it sincere, and take the time (usually only half a second or so, anyway, when things go wrong), to appreciate that, in fact, my life is pretty good. so thanks, to whatever forces of good are operating out there.

one third of winter down; two more to go, but the days are getting longer in light.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

ranting for fun and non-profit

Just got the “Your personal Time-of Use Dashboard is ready” letter from the hydro company. Well, now my life can begin.

God, I wish the company would take all the money for the letters and brochures (in particular the glossy coloured ones), which repeat the same information every mailing, - and oh yeah, the cost of the installation of “smart” meters – and apply those funds to its own damn dashboard. How much would costs of operating be reduced, and how much saving could be passed on to consumers?

Oh silly me. That must be brain damage from the cold that's talking there, since my house temperature is kept far below the 'comfort' zone. Savings would not go to consumers, of course, but, - still – the money could go to a CEO salary or severance package 'savings plan'.

Whoops. Shouldn't have reminded myself. The 'Delivery' and 'Regulatory' Charge. The 'Officers' Retirement', I mean, 'Debt Retirement' Charge. All the little payouts for those greedy little CEO's. Every time I get a bill and see those charges (which are always more than my usage, by the way), I think of that woman (someone say hello to her, if she's not out of the country on her yacht). You know, the one who got six million – that's MILLION – dollars when she left the hydro company. I remember too, the day I worked as a temp for hydro. It happened to be the day after another CEO voted himself a raise. I couldn't tell you the number of irate and upset customers that called that day. And I told each and every one of them they were right; that the salary raise was disgusting; and I suggested they write and complain.

To what avail, however? I'm just dashing my own board, and can't even raise enough heat of anger to eliminate the layers of clothing I must wear indoors. And I do get angry. Every day. Like when the rates are up at dinnertime (thanks for making life more difficult after work). Or when I long for a hot shower and have to wait for the tank to warm up, since I keep it turned off otherwise. And my feet! No basement in this tiny house, so they're like ice all the time. Am I a martyr? No, just a 'serf' of the 2000's. Gotta 'conserf' to pay the bills.

So thanks, hydro companies, for setting up a system that now lets me sit in front of my dial-up computer, so I can waste even more electricity, to be able to see just exactly how limited my life is when I consult your “charts and graphs that show your usage hour by hour, a day at at time”. “Putting you in control”, indeed.

I don't need the dashboard. I know I use heat when I'm desperately cold. I cook when I'm starving and can't wait for “off-peak” hours. And I write letters at a local library hi-speed computer, so my fingers are warm enough to work the keyboard.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

happy new year

and there you are! we're already ten years into the millennium of destruction, and who can keep up? the snow is entrenched outside on my sidewalk; i'm freezing and because i'm doing this, i have missed the skating times down by the lake. curses!!!
you see, i'm not very well disposed to the new age and its chains.

but just wanted to say hi, and make sure that my zero followers are all well and happy.

got the gig friday night at gate 403, for whoever is in the toronto area. 9pm. be there if you like music.