• June 10'20 Nice Bistro Whitby, ON
  • Apr.15'20 Princess M Hospital Atrium
  • Apr.11'20 HIRUT 2050 Danforth Toronto
  • Dec.14 '19 HIRUT 2050 Danforth Toronto
  • July 26 2019 Gull River, Minden ON
  • June 19, 2019 The Nice Bistro, Whitby
  • Sun.May5, 2019 Hugh's Room, Toronto
  • Sat.April 6, 2019 The Old Mill, Toronto
  • 15 marzo 2019, el gallo restaurant, san pancho, mexico
  • Feb. 26, 2019 Relish Bar/Grill, Toronto
  • Jan.23,2019 Nice Bistro, Whitby
  • Sept.29,'18 12:30-3:30pm; Glass Eagle Studio, Haliburton
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  • Sept.30,2017 All That Jazz & More, at the Minden Legion
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  • Aug. 4, 2017 Music by the Gull, Minden, ON
  • Aug. 2, 2017 The Nice Bistro, Whitby ON
  • May 17, 2017 The Nice Bistro, Whitby, ON
  • April 29, 2017 Minden Cultural Centre, Minden, ON
  • March 24,2017 The Old Mill Toronto, Home Smith Bar
  • Feb.26,2017 San Pancho Music Fest. Mexico
  • Nov.5, 2016 Radio Hall, CanoeFM, Haliburton, ON
  • Nov. 2, 2016 le Nice Bistro, Whitby, ON
  • Sept. 4, 2016 The Red Umbrella Inn, Minden, ON
  • July 26, 2016, Head Lake Park, Haliburton, ON
  • Jan. 29, 2016, The Home Smith Bar at the Old Mill, Toronto
  • Oct.23, 2015 Gate 403
  • Sept. 9 The Nice Bistro, Whitby, ON
  • August 22, Gate 403, Toronto
  • August 14, Music by the Gull, Minden, ON
  • July 29 Hugh's Room, Toronto
  • June 13, Gate 403,Toronto

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the days are getting longer

that's what keeps me going through winter. the sun is out today, but it's 8 below, and that's too damn cold!!
i thought i'd post some summer pics, just to remind me of those lovely days:

the shadow of bare legs on the sand; the beautiful road by the lake; my garden lady all surrounded by greenery; and of course, the summer brew during music rehearsals.

let's all drink to summer's warmth this new year's eve. hope it's a safe and happy time for everyone.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

wrestling for the spirit

At our family Christmas get-together, which we held early because it's so complicated now, nothing speaks of the good will and sharing spirit like a good, old-fashioned arm wrestle amongst the women-folk.
There were many aspiring females going up against each other, all vying for the title of mother goddess of the seasonal festivities. I, in my foolish and out-of-shape shape (i've been saying for the last year that it's at an all-time low - must get the bike out more - ), i threw myself into the fray, and i lost, no excuses, i was just shit on a skinny arm stick.
Here are some pics: getting set, getting the grips set, screwing up my face to try and focus, and the final fall-down.
I'm proud to say that i have finally stopped demanding of myself that i always win (a habit begun in grade one, when i was sooooo bored).
May the force be with you all.

Oh, and lest we forget: here's a video with some of the sweetest sounds in the world (a baby's laugh), as a reminder of what it's really all about.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

christmas makes me feel emotional.....

that's the intro to the old christmas song "Silver Bells", which I sang in front of the whole school at the Christmas program, about 100 years ago, when i was in grade three. the illustrious start of coming a long way, baby. my nights out are better now.

but in fact, i'm emotional today not because of christmas, but because of some venue owners here in my lovely city, who make it very difficult for any musicians.

my younger brother used to yell at his enemies when he got very, very angry: "peepy poo plop!!" it was the worst invective his 4-year-old mind could imagine. Well, I'm with you, brother!! Peepy poo plop on all the venue owners i don't like.

had some fun last week, singing with some musicians that i hadn't seen in a while. and now, in the accompanying short video and photos, you can enjoy some of that fun, which is all i want to have, after all.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

merry christmas to all, and to all a good light

getting to be the busy season, so i'll send all my good wishes out now, and escape the mall where the local library has the good computer.

and speaking of wishes, why not put mine out there in the universe? ok, then....

i'd like a European tour, including eight stops at the best cities, with my band of luminaries to travel with me (the musicians, i mean). just a-singing, and a-traveling, and speaking lots of different languages, and having a few stops at a spa or two. nothing too grand, these are the basics.

please, oh great spirit of music, and saint cecilia too, won't you help a poor talented singer?

and by the way, if there's any money out there, I'd really like to get into the studio again, with some of the aforementioned fabulous musicians, to record a whack of new songs. the CD cover is all ready....here it is (i'm the tiny tiny, underwater swimmer, searching the huge ocean bottom of the unconscious for beautiful, musical ideas).

p.s. don't forget to look on youtube for various tunes, including Christmas Blues. Ta.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

an unhappy memorial day

Today is always an awful reminder of the Montreal massacre: 14 very bright women shot by a jerk who hadn't any brains or self-esteem. Very unfortunate for him, but why not get help? Why take out his failings on people who had something to offer? It's still the same old story – the bullies and lower species are the ones who want all the power, - because their own lives are so empty and useless.

I was devastated, as so many others were, when this occurred in 1989. I went to the memorial events each year following. Six years after it happened, I wrote a song about it; eleven years later I sang it at a live recording session; and now, twenty-two years later, I'm putting it online because the same crap still happens every day.

Men still disrespect; employers still pay less; whole countries repress women and girls and allow atrocious acts to be committed by the animals who believe it's their right to own and abuse.

Fortunately, there are many men out there who know better, and who love and help and support. I thank them and all those who work to improve our world, not bring it down more.