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  • Feb.23,2018 San Pancho Music Festival, Mexico
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Wednesday, June 27, 2018


I'll post more later; no time now, but here's a shot from our fabulous weekend of dancing in Toronto's City Hall Square. It rained throughout our last performance, and I did my own little rain dance after we finished:
Check out Luminato Grand Continental, Toronto for lots of pics. I'll have ones with me in the crowd on the next post.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


It's always so difficult to be patient - for me, at least. And these days, I seem to be needing to be patient.  I seem to be needing to heal and change and grow, and this is indeed frustrating, i.e. to be satisfied to simply wait for inspiration or movement; creativity, plans.  Don't like to sit around. But in fact I have been sitting around quite a lot.

Changing tack here: my mother would have been 98 years old today, had she lived, and one of my best friends, who died too young, also shares that birthday.  Now, even as I type, a dear daughter of another friend is about to give birth to her daughter, Stella.  A triple hit.  So hurrah for life.

And prayers for all the people who were slaughtered Monday by the moron in a van. News reporters wonder about his motive, and I wonder why. He was effing INSANE!!!, that was his reason for murder.
But we must be patient and wait for the world to stop propagating hate. Maybe it will happen, but with the sales of guns, and the profits of war, and the egos of "leaders", I despair sometimes.

OK, getting back to life, here's me in my relatively innocent days - not so long ago, but besides looking so much younger, I was playing guitar, and I think I still had more faith in love and kindness then. More prayers, please. We will continue to hope....

Friday, April 6, 2018


from the west down to the east;

Any day now, any day now,

I shall be released.


Well we live in hope. And for me, my succour is always music; sitting down at my piano and bellowing my woes, along with the happy tunes too. I wrote this little song a while back after the following incident, which happened a few years ago:

I was visiting up north with a friend and we went to the local gallery where I bought a picture of a lovely bird.

Back at her place, I opened an email from a family member that I had cared about for many years, who was excoriating me in a very nasty way, and sharing her erroneous thoughts with other siblings. She had never been able to express her feelings honestly, and lost control of her avalanche of anger. The attack was horrible, and caused a rift that has never healed. I see the bird and I remember. So I sing:



I don't expect apologies; lucky thing, since few people do it. That's OK, as far as OK, and it's just how life is, goes. I grew up feeling alone; I'll continue that way. And it's friends who carry me through. And of course, the piano and the singing.
I say thank you.
Some pics:

the boid on the wall

singing about the boid and the - you know - pain

singing back in early August when I bothered to get dressed.
Note difference in winter layering.
Any day now....

Monday, March 26, 2018


and its fade into the ether....

Last night I decided to go to the Italian restaurant that I used to frequent with a gentleman from my past. I was going to go alone, but then decided on the spur, etc., to call my friendly neighbourhood neighbour, because she's always up for a dinner out.
We went, and I ate a grand, big, lovely meal, and had a little wine too, enjoying it all immensely.

When I got home, I did some home stuff, and then went to bed very satisfied, drifting off into the land of nod, and only waking when the sun nudged me from a rather grand, big, lovely dream I was having about the gentleman from my past.  I guess memories got nudged at our Italian eatery, and there we were, in the dream, he with his arms around me, myself crushing my face into his chest and saying, "You know, I will love you all my life". Then we looked at each other and broke the embrace.  I thought it was a lovely respite from all the other daily crap, even if it was just a moment in the larger scheme, and even if there were some things that were not so grand and lovely when we were together, and even if I was reminded of the negativity when I went for my swim later in the morning and a woman there was complaining about everything, as I thought he often did.

Still, I stubbornly kept the grand, big, and lovely parts, letting the dream drift away only after putting it in my mental file of "good stuff", for later access, if necessary.
Ya gotta - accen-choo-ate the positive....right?

I'm thinking deeply here, about dreams and all that jazz

And I continue on, in my efforts to bring things positive into the world, with my plans for a concert about a year from now, - with some well-known and fabulous vocalists performing songs I have written, and the whole show a benefit for a worthy women's group. A long process....but fun.
Another grand, big, lovely dream that I hope to make actually happen, depending on many factors. You will read more in the near future....
Music hath charms, as someone once said.

Hmmmm....will it happen, or fall to the ground?

Monday, March 12, 2018


this is posted specifically so that someone famous and successful can hear my latest composition, and hopefully that person will record the song and make me famous and successful too.
it's a very simple home-made recording from my camera, and i was a little croaky that day (actually I was in Mexico, just fooling around), so don't expect the polished version...The song is called "Empty of Love".

Tuesday, February 27, 2018



Remember that little ditty? I do, we used to recite it many years ago, and now, I'm taking it for my own, although I don't have bells on my toes. That would hurt with shoes on. 

Getting to the end of my sunny days, and not looking forward to the cold, but I will have this reminder of the festival. It's the last half of the song "Gracias a la Vida" in San Pancho.

and some pics:

Sunday, February 25, 2018


I sang the song on Friday night, and meant it - saying thank you to life for all the things that are there for me; I am grateful, even if I also complain regularly. One can't become too holy, can one?

So then the wonderful music festival of San Pancho, Mexico, carried on for the whole weekend with an extraordinary lineup of great and varied musicians. There was a wonderful sense everywhere of a real fiesta, with food and families and dancing and fun, all with the music and the summer evenings in the park, and the fabulous ocean around the corner from us.

Music is such a gift - to listen to, and to perform.  I hope that I can sing until I die.
Here are some pics of my performance with the wonderful guitarist, Steve O'Connor.
Sadly, my days in the sun here are numbered, and I will return to the bloody cold next week.