• June 10'20 Nice Bistro Whitby, ON
  • Apr.15'20 Princess M Hospital Atrium
  • Apr.11'20 HIRUT 2050 Danforth Toronto
  • Dec.14 '19 HIRUT 2050 Danforth Toronto
  • July 26 2019 Gull River, Minden ON
  • June 19, 2019 The Nice Bistro, Whitby
  • Sun.May5, 2019 Hugh's Room, Toronto
  • Sat.April 6, 2019 The Old Mill, Toronto
  • 15 marzo 2019, el gallo restaurant, san pancho, mexico
  • Feb. 26, 2019 Relish Bar/Grill, Toronto
  • Jan.23,2019 Nice Bistro, Whitby
  • Sept.29,'18 12:30-3:30pm; Glass Eagle Studio, Haliburton
  • Sept.19, 2018 Private Function, Toronto
  • July 27&28, Haliburton Arts&Crafts2-4pm
  • June 6, 2018 The Nice Bistro, Whitby, ON
  • Feb.23,2018 San Pancho Music Festival, Mexico
  • Jan.20,2018 The Old Mill Toronto, Home Smith Bar
  • Sept.30,2017 All That Jazz & More, at the Minden Legion
  • Aug. 5, 2017 Private Party, Carnarvon, ON
  • Aug. 4, 2017 Music by the Gull, Minden, ON
  • Aug. 2, 2017 The Nice Bistro, Whitby ON
  • May 17, 2017 The Nice Bistro, Whitby, ON
  • April 29, 2017 Minden Cultural Centre, Minden, ON
  • March 24,2017 The Old Mill Toronto, Home Smith Bar
  • Feb.26,2017 San Pancho Music Fest. Mexico
  • Nov.5, 2016 Radio Hall, CanoeFM, Haliburton, ON
  • Nov. 2, 2016 le Nice Bistro, Whitby, ON
  • Sept. 4, 2016 The Red Umbrella Inn, Minden, ON
  • July 26, 2016, Head Lake Park, Haliburton, ON
  • Jan. 29, 2016, The Home Smith Bar at the Old Mill, Toronto
  • Oct.23, 2015 Gate 403
  • Sept. 9 The Nice Bistro, Whitby, ON
  • August 22, Gate 403, Toronto
  • August 14, Music by the Gull, Minden, ON
  • July 29 Hugh's Room, Toronto
  • June 13, Gate 403,Toronto

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


You know when you wake up with a feeling of dread?   crazy dreams and all that, leaving you with emotions and experiences that bother you, but you don't know why?
And it doesn't help that the sky is grey....
Maybe it's all the imminent upheaval in my life, or maybe it's just the way the planets are arranging themselves. But in the meantime, I must get on with things, so I focus on the Monarch butterfly, which thanks to all the crap in the world, is having some difficulty surviving.  Except not in my garden, where the milkweed flourishes.  I watch him/her flit about - I guess it's a her - looking to lay eggs.  Speriamo.

Well, I have some gigs for the summer - an arts and crafts fair on the weekend, and a beautiful restaurant serving very very fine food, and then a local art gallery coming up too.  Thanks to all the gods and people involved.
And over the weekend, we had a family cousins' reunion.  Just look at the concentration:  we were playing some tunes and everyone was singing along.  The family that sings together, rings together.  Or something.
brother Paul, guitar; brother Anthony, singing; cousin Michelle's husband Tom, piano; cousin Maureen; me.

gotta sing....

a gig from a couple of weeks ago

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I do have a Bat-phone, you know - the same red rotary one that your man of bats had.  But that's as close as I get....
The shake-up is in my own life, and Batman can't save me, unless he cleans toilets. I might be moving house, and you know what a pain everywhere that can be.  So I'm taking a little break at the local computer station and hoping to save myself.

I'll be keeping it all posted....

And next time I'll have a photo or two of when I sang with Gord Kidd again, after his horrific accident - shocking us all with his determination to perform no matter what. 
Also will have some from last weekend's gig in Carnarvon at the famous Rhubarb restaurant.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


You know - the ark. Just wonderin' because the rains are still coming down, and I'd really like to be on the 'continuing species' list, or at least on the 'i get to stay dry' one.  I'm rather soaked through at the moment - taking refuge in the local library, and hoping that the downpour will stop before i have to leave.

does rain make one more pensive?  all that water going down and then back up into the atmosphere and sliding down hills and rushing to oceans. Does it remind you of all the crazy running around we do?  And make you wonder what fer? Or does the up and down and round and round bring you to think of a carousel ride, and does that make you smile with past pleasure?  Or does the rain on the window make you cry?
For myself, out and about in town, with shoes that are not made like they used to be, it means wet feet.  Does Payless have to mean worthless?  Where is the Italian shoemaker of old, who knew a craft?
I have paper towels stuffed into the cheap walkers, absorbing all the puddles i had to go through.

But on to music - I'm having fun reworking and refining all my songs; discovering new ideas and melodies; focusing on that rather than finding gigs.  piano, piano....
Got some pics from the Canada Day artists' display:

Wouldn't you like to buy this lovely CD, peoples?

Or maybe this one, mister customer?

Harvey, artist, and his paintings

George manning the gallery proper

The founder's wishes for the community

Outdoor artist's display

Some oldey timey ironing thangs

A family taking in the displays

And the other night, after one of the many rainstorms, I looked up from my work to see the sky, and the whole world a lovely pink colour.  I ran for the camera, but it couldn't capture it.  The gorgeous sky just came out white - totally unlike the reality.  The closest I got was this one image of the window and its light:

Pinkish, but nothing like the colour outside                                                                                                                        

And lastly, sometimes I feel like my brain is melting in many ways,and only the occasional little purple starbursts:

Blowin' up real good
The brain insane falls mainly on the vain

Saturday, July 5, 2014


They must be really pissed off, because they're pissing down on my little summer home like c-c-c-crazy.  Five huge thunder and lightening storms that feel like everything's going to come crashing down.  Now, who are those people who keep insisting that there's no such thing as climate change?  Oh yeah, probably the ones who have their money invested in keeping all the polluting going.

Meanwhile, just trying to get the occasional bit of music into my life.  I'll be working on the production of the new CD for a while - songs are coming along - and I'm trying to get an answer about the venue for the release party, which will also be a birthday party.  Then the recording, then the manufacturing.  Guess I'll be hitting kickstarter or some such soon.

Did sing for the live-to-air feature at Canoe Fm last weekend - the new hall/studio is up and operating. (P.S. my radio show is on air, online tonight 10PM EDT - Canoefm.com)  Then got a couple of tunes in with some old bandmates at the local Legion.  Hee haw.  And then we celebrated Canada Day and I was out there selling CDs - have some pictures to put up next time.

a toute a l'heure....