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Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Went to my local Honda Dealer the other day - I had a Honda pump that I'd bought about 15-16 years ago. Good one, but I need some parts replaced. When I went to pick them up, I asked the guy what the cost would be for a comparable pump now. Comparable to my Honda WN20, that is.

"WN20?!!" says the sales manager, "No such thing. Ever".

"Funny", sez I, "since I have the Honda WN20 pump at my house, and I also have the very informative Honda WN20 manual".

"Nope." says Mr. Supreme Honda Man, "Honda never made any WN20". He said that with a lot of authority.

"Well," I sez, "I have one, and I'm sorry, but Honda did make it."

Then this next statment, delivered with that "I know what I'm talking about, lady, and you don't" kind of authority, meant to intimidate and shut you up: "I've been selling these things for 20 years, and I've never seen or heard of a WN20. They don't make it."

Oh dear. 'Maybe you don't quite make it, as a source of information', I thought, and I was taken back, many years, to my university days, when I had my first sexual experience with a man. I say 'with a man', because I was fortunate enough to have had numerous sexual experiences with myself, from the age of ten, and up until the wrong-headed and perverse Catholic church started teaching young girls (age 14, roughly) that it was a sin to indulge in 'touching yourself'.

Am I going off track? No. You see, the university guy told me that according to a book he'd read, that women don't have orgasms.

"Funny," sez I, "because I am a woman, and I can assure you that we do."

"But the book...." he started.

And he reiterated about the book and its authority. And I asked who wrote the book. And the answer was, of course, a man. With the same kind of 'we know best, dear, and we know all' kind of authority as the silly Honda man, no doubt.

Too bad there are so many men around who still believe in that kind of blind authority, and who still like to sound, above all else, as if they really know what they're talking about.

Unless you're very strong and opinioned and experienced yourself, you're in great danger of actually listening to them.

Sometimes, I have been victim to those kinds of mental bullies. But you can't fool me on the pumps and orgasms. Praise the Lord.

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